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Seasonal Maintenance

Maintaining a car as per the season gives you better performance, mileage and safety. With the Summer on the roll and the monsoon coming, here are some very vital seasonal tips!


Heat can cause a lot of malfunction to the electrical hence always try to park under a shed and try to keep half an inch of the glass opened in peak summer so the temperature is controlled, another good idea in case you don't wish to open the window, turn the AC air circulation duct to inflow of air where outside air can come in and circulate so there in no heat buildup.

Use towel material cloth cover if you have leather seats, the cloth doesn't let the leather reach high temperatures hence you are welcomed in the car with a lot less heat stress.

Keep small towels handy in the car which you can use to cover the gear knobs and steering so its not painful for you to drive.

Sun control Films are illegal in most places but there are many add on curtains available you can use for the summer only to prevent the heat.

Keep Air pressure 1 or 2 points less than the recommended as with heat from the road the air inside the Tyre expands which can cause the car ride of the car to be uncomfortable and can be a risk.

Try and keep slightly less fuel as overfilling the tank during the summer can cause fumes therefore, a little empty space is needed for the fumes to be adjusted.

Keep coolant level check as the cars engine runs more hot in summer hence it may consume some coolant and its a good idea to keep it checked and topped up!

The AC’s condenser is located in the front of the car, ahead of the radiator and is visible from the lower part of the front bumper. This space collects a lot of debree and dirt hence it is a great idea to pressure clean the AC condenser during the monsoon also as this helps in giving the perfect cooling in the car, aside of this do get the AC gas level checked and if needed topped up.

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